Looking Forward: Hidden Falls and Blueberry Festival

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The club is looking forward for the upcoming 4×4 trail event at Hidden Falls Adventure Park in Marble Falls, TX. We will be heading out Friday, June 5th and will be returning that Sunday June 7th. This is the club’s second year to wheel this park. Last year’s trip was our first at Hidden Falls and a test to see how many Jeepers were willing to do a weekend trip, we are happy to see the participation has increased this year. We are expecting over 10 Jeeps this year, representing 10 different families. We expect a great outing of rock climbing, camping, smore-making, and elaborate stories around the campfire. Marble Falls also allows night crawling for those of you that seek an extra level of adventure.

In other news, the Nacogdoches Chamber of Commerce has invited the ETXJC to come show off our rigs at the 26th Annual Blueberry festival. Here is your chance to have around 19,000 people see your pride and joy (Your Jeep). We are looking for everything from stock jeeps to “trailer your Frankenstein”. You do not have to be an ETXJC member to participate in this event. Please tell anyone you know that has a Jeep about it. JK, XJ, CJ, YJ, MJ, KJ, Willys are all welcome. Come join up with the family for the day and show off your rig! You’ll enjoy free parking (right downtown all day) and access to the blueberry fest. It will from be 8am-4pm on Saturday, June 13th. Meet us in Festival Park behind City Hall.

WJ At Hidden Falls, TX

2014 Has Been A Blast So Far!

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Our second year as a club has seen great advances. While membership numbers have steadily increased what’s more impressive is the increase in the experience level and knowledge of our club members. Last year was several members’ first off-roading adventures in their Jeeps. Learning basics like airing down tires, disconnecting sway bars, learning the principles of tread lightly, and becoming familiar with trail safety. This year many others in the club moved to more advanced trails at Barnwell Mtn. and Hidden Falls, expanding on their base off-road knowledge and adding an extra level of complexity to their off-road driving skills. We had our first out of town Club trip that consisted of a great wheeling weekend at Hidden Falls OHV park, and the Club Sponsored Summer Bash at Martin Creek Lake State Park near Tatum.

This year has also been a great year for club camaraderie. Many members met with each other in non-club sponsored activities such as sharing garage space when repairs and upgrades were needed, and had a few impromptu meet-ups at local restaurants and venues.

We are looking forward to a fun finish to 2014. Our next Club trip will be at Shilo Ridge near Alto, TX and is scheduled September 27th. We will head back to Barnwell Mtn. November 8th to wrap things up for the year.

Currently we hold monthly Jeep Club meetings in Longview, Tyler, and Nacogdoches. We hope to broaden our base this year and next to gain more members in more areas of East Texas adding a few more locations to our monthly meeting venues.

Expect a 2015 calendar of events to go official sometime in December. Keep your eyes on the forums; it’ll be posted there first. If you have any questions, please feel free to join the forums for free and visit with club members. Hope to see you at the next local cruise in event in your area soon!


Finishing out 2013!

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Despite the weather moving in on us in the afternoon, everyone had a great time at Barnwell in October. Oddly enough, we had the same weather for October that we did in July. Count that a lucky July and an unlucky October!

To finish out our inaugural year we will continue on our cruise in schedule and mostly fill the gap with unofficial runs from our members. The holidays are a pretty tough time to plan much, but expect to hit the ground running come 2014. The board has been busy planning and making preparations to have a great second year and we will continue to do so.

Expect a 2014 calendar of events to go official sometime in December. Keep your eyes on the forums, it’ll be posted there first.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with one of the board members. Hope to see you guys at an event soon.

20130727 Barnwell - 128

Looking Forward: Barnwell Mountain Oct. 12th

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After such a great turnout in July, we quickly scheduled another trip back for October.

Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area is a offroad park in Gilmer, TX. Its proximity to our area makes it the de facto home park for ETXJC. This trip is largely organized the same way as our July outing, however we will be splitting up into smaller groups so that everyone has more opportunity to wheel.

Our normal group will run many of the same trails we did in July, but hopefully many more in the same difficulty level. Any trail capable Jeep (4wd and stock height) should be fine, although participants will be challenged plenty. Most trails have bypasses on the harder obstacles for those not inclined to push quite so hard.

The harder group will venture into new territory for this new group, hitting many 4-diamond trails. The harder group will also require some advanced equipment, namely 34″ tires and lockers at a minimum to participate. Bypasses are obstacles themselves, and most trails have varying degrees of challenges up the main thoroughfare.

Membership is not a requirement for this run in either group, as some may find out that this type of trail is not for them. We do however encourage you to become a full fledged member of the club, as some of our runs are for members only. Membership also affords you the benefit of the community.

If you are not a member and wish to make this run, all you need to do is create a forum account and indicate your intent to participate.

We hope to see you on the trail with us. If you have any questions, the forums are the best place to find it or ask for it.


Nac Cruise In

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Great turnout at the Nacogdoches Cruise In last Tuesday. Had some new faces, and some old, and everyone seemed to have a great time! One more Nac event before Barnwell, come out and meet us before the trip!



Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 7.23.58 PM

Just a few more days!

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We’ve been on a roll the past month with new members popping up all over the place, and what better way to show off the club that with our inaugural club Tshirt!

We are using Booster to sell the shirt and raise some money for the club. As we’ve mentioned on Facebook and the Forums, all proceeds are going directly to the club.

Member or not, we’d love your support to finish off this campaign! You can head over to Booster to purchase yours and they will ship it straight to your door.

Thanks to all those who have supported us already, we look forward to seeing you at our cruise ins and wheeling trips!

Barnwell Mountain Crawl – July 2013

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What an absolutely amazing time!

Just a little over two months ago ETXJC was nothing more than a conversation amongst strangers with one thing in common: a jeep. Fast forward and 15 jeeps and about 25 people had a great time at Barnwell. Everyone learned a little bit, met some new people, and quickly asked when we could do it again!

Special thanks to Jake for leading a bunch of half-noobs on a great day of wheeling!

20130727 Barnwell - 152

20130727 Barnwell - 261

20130727 Barnwell - 213

20130727 Barnwell - 204

20130727 Barnwell - 128

20130727 Barnwell - 054

20130727 Barnwell - 076

20130727 Barnwell - 046

20130727 Barnwell - 031

20130727 Barnwell - 022

Tyler Cruise In – July

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Our second Tyler Cruise In had a couple of new faces! Lots of talk and planning for the upcoming weekend run at Barnwell Mountain in Gilmer.

Great time and good people!





Come join us at Barnwell!

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In less than two weeks, ETXJC will take our inaugural crawling trip to Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area near Gilmer, TX. Please visit the thread on our forums for more information on the plans, what you need to bring, and how much fun you can expect to have. (hint: a lot!)

(Picture courtesy of ETXJC member JKJon)

20130604 Jeep Club Sonic - 010

Nacogdoches Cruise In – June

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We had a great turnout for our first ever ETXJC cruise in! Thanks to John Turner for pounding the pavement and spreading the bcards around to other area jeepers!

20130604 Jeep Club Sonic - 002

20130604 Jeep Club Sonic - 010

20130604 Jeep Club Sonic - 007

20130604 Jeep Club Sonic - 005

20130604 Jeep Club Sonic - 004