Our first Barnwell run

About the Club

Welcome to the new home of the East Texas Jeep Club!  ETXJC is a group of 4-wheel-drive Jeep enthusiasts based in the Piney Woods of East Texas.

Our Mission

East Texas Jeep Club’s mission is to connect it’s members together in order to coordinate off-road trips, related events, and social gatherings.  By bringing together local Jeep owners, we can crowdsource training and technical advice as well. ETXJC is meant for all trail capable Jeep vehicles, from stock to highly modified.

Getting to Know ETXJC

East Texas Jeep Club, LLC is a family oriented, membership based club. We operate as a 501(c)(7) non profit organization formed in the State of Texas. We are supported by membership dues and all funds are used to the club’s benefit or charitable purposes. The club is run by a Board of Directors appointed as necessary.

Primary Activity

ETXJC was formed with the intent of bringing people together to wheel. That verb may be foreign to some, but it really just means “to ride together.” Our terrain of focus is on rocks, hills, and mountains. East Texas is not completely barren of such terrain, but we often have to travel 1-4 hours to find accessible terrain.

Secondary Activities

While wheeling is inherently social, we also have social only events called “cruise ins”. Cruise Ins are scheduled in various cities around our area and facilitate club members getting together to share a bite, grab a drink, and talk about our passion.

We also occasionally host gatherings for educational purposes. Whether teaching new Jeep owners about their rigs or how to safely recover vehicles from tough spots, we do have an educational aspect to the club. In the long run, we want to share and spread our passion as far as we can.

If you are interested in joining us, please visit our membership page.

Contact Us

We can be reached at info jkanimal@etxjc.org.

Mail can be sent to:

East Texas Jeep Club, LLC 3801 Broadmoor Blvd., TX 75965